What we do

To understand what Cartara does and why we developed our unique approach to protecting Human Rights, it is good to know about five common problems in the fight against Human Rights abuses.
Problem 1:
Low quality data.
Data collection takes place with insufficient knowledge in hostile environments, leading to incomplete collection and procedural mistakes.
Problem 2:
Insufficient digital security awareness.
Actors are often not aware of good practices in digital security, the surveillance capability of hostile actors and the vulnerabilities of the tech they use.
Problem 3:
Inadequate data collection/storage infrastructure.
Most collection tech is inefficient, incompatible across workflows, and digitally insecure. Data is stored in vulnerable solutions and jurisdictions.
Problem 4:
Lack of psychological support.
Data collection and analysis is stressful and Human Rights Defenders frequently suffer from trauma. This undermines their personal wellbeing and professional efficacy.
Problem 5:
Ineffective action.
Effective action requires many stakeholders to join forces, requiring high-levels of coordination and trust. Current technologies pose obstacles to safe and effective co-operation.
It is Cartara’s mission to address these problems in a holistic way and collaborate with Human Rights Defenders.

So, how do we do this?


We enable them to collect high-quality data on abuses of international humanitarian and criminal law.



We process and analyse that data into intelligence, reporting, or case documents.



We collaborate with partners and other stakeholders to take action with that intelligence.

We vet and recruit actors and engage in long-term partnerships with local organisations. We give them capacity building trainings around digital and operational safetyself-care and forensic documentation. We also equip Human Rights Defenders with mobile devices and data collection software tailored to each country. And help setting up and customising digital infrastructures for organisations to operate securely. We work closely with our Human Rights Defenders as they go into the field to talk to victims and witnesses, collect evidence and visit crime scenes.
Data from the field is uploaded to a purpose-built database hosted in a secure location outside the target country for safety. Actors retain full ownership of and access to the data. We aim to archive the data, analyse it and collate it with Open Source Intelligence and input from external experts in areas like ballistics and forensics.
Together, we produce videos, reports or briefing notes with which we influence people and policies. Depending on the situation, action may be taken along legal, political, economic or cultural lines, be it closed-door country briefings at the UN, supplying the ICC with evidence or preparations for a universal jurisdiction case.


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