Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Producer & Host - Cartara
Vidushi Marda
Senior Program Officer - Article 19
Rory Byrne
Founder - Security First

The story used to be: the tech industry develops a monitoring tool, governments would be slow to understand and adopt them. Two decades later, that script has been flipped; governments are not only actively using new tools as part of their surveillance capacity, they are also involved in the proliferation of those tools, so that any government in the world can and eventually will have access to them. Moreover, the practices and purposes of monitoring citizens' use of technology have found their way into some very strange and disturbing aspects of our lives.

Vidushi Marda of Article 19 and Rory Byrne of Security First join us on the podcast today to discuss the growth of the surveillance state and the priorities of governments when it comes to tracking, monitoring, and suppressing those who document or report.