Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
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Digital Security Researcher
Mario Heidrich
Cure 53

Today on the program we're looking at the digital risks and threats that every organisation (and individual) faces at some level.

Data, especially the kind of data that is gathered in the field about the reality on the ground, can influence decision makers in various levels of power. If you are someone gathering data, there are those actors who may not want your data to ever see the light of day, as it may have impact on the outcome they want to see. As a result, powerful forces are working everday to destroy documentation tools, erase or intercept data, and above all - stop the documenters through both physical and technical means.

Our major question today is: What are these risks documenters face and and how can we detect them when so much of what goes on in technology is not visible when we use our devices?

For our first guest, as a digital security researcher in the field, the problem has two major parts: One is awareness. The need for documenters and documentation focused organisations to have deeper knowledge of not just what their technology does but how it works. What is part of the normal functioning of a phone or a computer, and what is a sign that something more is going on. The other side of the coin is related to those who build these tools, who are often far from the reality on the ground and don't prioritize having security features on by default.

Our second guest, Mario Heidrich, as the founder of Pentration Testing Company Cure 53, speaks to us about the kinds of security threats his work involves emulating. The process of challenging your website or application security systematically before it comes from a truly malicious party. A process that costs time and money, but represents the type of mindset and preparation that could help organisations of any size be prepared for the threats that are out there.

When you put them together, today's guests can help explain both what the risks are for documenters today, and what is needed to help protect them.

Listen and enjoy.