Open Source and Security: What’s the Connection?

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Marie Gutbub
Prototype Fund
Raphael Mimoun

In our everyday lives we trust the developers of applications to protect our sensitive data, usually without knowing how or why these tools work. When we consider the documentation process: communication, data management, media recording; experts will often talk about the importance that they be open source. But do we understand what makes tools open source and how that matters for different documentation projects? Today on the innaugeral episode of the podcast, we speak with Marie Gutbub and Raphael Mimoun regarding what role being open source plays for the users and developers of tools used in both specialized activities and everyday life.

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  1. Great podcast, love the sound-effects 🙂
    Marie’s argument is strong: You don’t know what tomorrow will bring, so better work safely today. And yes, we need cooler FOSS tools…

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